GM thoughts on WFRP



This last weekend we played our yearly Mega-Game™ and the game this time around was WFRP 2e. The Mega-Game has been a tradition in our table group for some years now. The concept is – meet up quite early on Saturday, play all day (with a break for lunch if needed), then some BBQ and beer (or some other nice dinner) and then continue playing as long as we feel for it. 

Anyway, as this was the first WFRP game for me as GM and the first for the majority of the players as well, I’d like to comment on our initial impressions, which can be summarized as awesomesauce!


I love the gritty setting and the little “in-character stories” that are in the books as they really inspire play. The players didn’t know much of the setting but behind the screen, it was easy for me to envision and describe scenes, people and to convey the general feel of the setting.

Character generation

Character generation was fast despite us being beginners. The books are easy to navigate and clear enough that I could let the players loose and just support them here and there. I feel that the random system really adds to the speed as it takes away all those “choosy” bits, plus that it’s fun to roll and see what you get, and then try to work with that. I can say that these guys didn’t play their usual type of character.

Game system

The game system was easy for everyone. It really feels like a mix of BRP and D&D and it was easy to get into it, both as GM and players. The hardest bit was to keep track of all the Talents, as we didn’t really know what they meant – especially for me when tracking the NPCs talents. So, some page flipping there, but I guess that they will be second nature after a number of game sessions. I will, however, make a “cheat sheet” for Talents and Skills in OneNote on the laptop, which will be easy to reference during play.

Player’s reactions & final comments

The players were all very happy with the game and we actually managed to play through the whole thing. I think we had expected the PCs to be weaker, and in the first combat, I seriously wondered if they would survive. But they played smart and had LOTS of luck with the dice. There were many Ulric’s Fury – even one double! Only one of the players rolled really bad – I think he only managed one or two skill tests during the whole session. They also felt that everything was possible and could indulge in investigation and social stuff as well as combat. However, this adventure didn’t involve magic, so that’s one part we haven’t explored yet.

All in all, I would say that it was a very fun game session for both players and GM, and we will definitely return to WFRP and the Old World again!


GM tools | WFRP 2e stats for “Night of Blood”


Night of Blood WFRP 2e conversion kopia
Click image to download


Tomorrow (and Sunday) I intend to run my first WFRP adventure behind the GM screen, and most of the players are WFRP n00bs as well. I decided to start them out with Jim Bambra’s Night of Blood from White Dwarf #87.

It’s written for WFRP 1e and I run WFRP 2e, and I couldn’t find any conversion documents online, so I decided to do the heavy lifting myself 🙂 As a note, I used the conversion advice from Liber Fanatica #1.

Here it is. Free. (Or click the pic above).

Maybe some of you need it some day.

WFRP première this weekend!


Art by Russ Nicholson


This weekend we’ll run our annual Mega-Game™. Basically, it’s a weekend full of gaming, interrupted by a nice BBQ in the evening of the first game day.

One of the players has his house all to himself (his wife and kids are on a trip), so we’ll stay there and play like when we were teens. We will be 3 players + GM on day one and 4 players + GM on day two.

Anyway, this time around I’ve decided to run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay one (or two)-shot instead of continuing on our Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlahotep campaign.

It’s double cool because (i) I have never GM:ed WFRP before and (ii) all players except one have zero experience with WFRP.

Which means that they have no idea what to expect…*hehe*

I’m going to introduce them to the Old World using the adventure Night of Blood from an old White Dwarf magazine. Hopefully, the adventure will be enough to fill the time we planned for gaming. I think I will plan for another one as well, as backup, but the time is limited so I might end up just winging things instead 😉


Nom nom…

The plan is to have the PCs en route to the free city of Marienburg on some undefined business when they happen upon the little inn in beside the river, so I guess somewhere in Middenland.

Pretty stoked about this!