Mark of the Beast

In a few weeks time I’m running a one-shot of Symbaroum for my table group as this year’s Mega-Game™.

I have chosen to run adventures from the The Copper Crown, which contains The Promised Land, Mark of the Beast, and Tomb of Dying Dreams (this is the Swedish original and mega-rare version of The Copper Crown).

The Promised Land is the introductory adventure that is included in the core book as well, and while it is fairly good, I think that it would underwhelm my players, who are seasoned role-players and with whom I have played since the early 1980s. I don’t want them to get bored or get the wrong picture of Symbaroum, so Mark of the Beast is the more appropriate starter adventure for this group I think. We’re going to create characters and introduce a totally new game system, so I expect that this advenure will be enough. If not, I have some ideas to pad it out – trouble will find you in Thistle Hold, that’s a sure thing… Plus that they have a very slow play style so what other groups manage in one session takes like 2-3 sessions for my group. Which is all well as long as we have fun.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked about this!




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