Recap of our one-shot WFRP 2e première. Beware of spoilers!

With a Fistful of d20's

191585482158de313d54e48d491cc254 Typical town of the Empire

Game system: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd ed.

Dramatis personae

Blunda Stargazer | Great Forest wood elf | Thief | Djuro

Trimm Rumpfenschmack | Zhufbar dwarf | Tomb Robber | Djuro

Grim Rumpfenschmack | Zhufbar dwarf | Troll Slayer | Martin

Dail Do Stargazer | Great Forest wood elf | Envoy | Martin

Maguar | Everloud dwarf | Watchman | Mats

Herr Arno Süssel | Human coachman | NPC 

GM notes:

This was the première game of WFRP for our group. Me and another player have played some WFRP 1e many years ago so let’s call us WFRP n00bs 😉

Of course, the players chose to play dwarves and elves – twin dwarves and twin elves! This was the only choice we used – the rest was all random tables. In the afternoon, the 3rd player joined the game and chose to create another dwarf…

On the road…

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