Art by Russ Nicholson


This weekend we’ll run our annual Mega-Game™. Basically, it’s a weekend full of gaming, interrupted by a nice BBQ in the evening of the first game day.

One of the players has his house all to himself (his wife and kids are on a trip), so we’ll stay there and play like when we were teens. We will be 3 players + GM on day one and 4 players + GM on day two.

Anyway, this time around I’ve decided to run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay one (or two)-shot instead of continuing on our Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlahotep campaign.

It’s double cool because (i) I have never GM:ed WFRP before and (ii) all players except one have zero experience with WFRP.

Which means that they have no idea what to expect…*hehe*

I’m going to introduce them to the Old World using the adventure Night of Blood from an old White Dwarf magazine. Hopefully, the adventure will be enough to fill the time we planned for gaming. I think I will plan for another one as well, as backup, but the time is limited so I might end up just winging things instead 😉


Nom nom…

The plan is to have the PCs en route to the free city of Marienburg on some undefined business when they happen upon the little inn in beside the river, so I guess somewhere in Middenland.

Pretty stoked about this!






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