Old news | Zweihänder kickstarter!

Yep. This is soon coming to a game table near you.

In case someone missed this, the Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Kickstarter is going on right now.

It came up while I was abroad on vacation including a very bad WiFi network.

Pretty stoked about this as they seem to have addressed a lot of little issues with the original game and adapted it for use in you own gritty RPG setting.

Check it out here!

Come to papa…

Today, these beauties arrived 🙂

I had to sell my left kidney to afford them, but still got a fairly good price from the seller. Also, they are as good as new. Not all in hardcover, but hey I shouldn’t complain…

The Tome of Salvation is a hardcover replacement for my previous softcover and the WFRP core rulebook is a backup/2nd copy for me and I will use my old battered one for the gaming table.

I have been looking for these babies a long time but to no avail. And in case I found one it was always very expensive and with added shipping up here to the Northlands it would become ridiculous.

But now I have them.

Cuppa coffee ready. Time for some reading in the sun then…

New WFRP blog

Creepy country house…

Fueled by my recent re-awakened interest in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2e) I have  decided to create this blog to support the game. This blog will however support all grim and dark fantasy.

I’m also pretty stoked about the upcoming Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG. It seems very interesting and I might move over my own Grimdark setting Terra Innominata to those rules if I like them enough. As of now, I use the OSR games Fantastic Heroes & Witchery and Blood & Treasure in that setting.

And now – over to building this blog!